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OkdhsLive Benefits

Are you a member of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHSLIVE) and curious about the benefits of your membership? OKDHSLIVE offers a number of advantages that make it an attractive option for anyone looking to access the services and information provided by OKDHS. This blog post will explore the benefits available through OKDHSLIVE and how they can help you get the most out of your membership. Read on to learn more!

Here are some OKDHSLIVE benefits

OkdhsLive Benefits

OKDHSLIVE is a program that provides many benefits to its registered customers. Current recipients can reset qualifications or reopen grocery stores through the program, view data about their current benefits, and participate in the Customer Survey. In addition, OKDHSLIVE provides a Homeless Alliance and ReMerge services, both of which help homeless individuals get back on their feet. 

1: Registered customers can view their data about current benefits

OKDHSLIVE allows customers to view their benefits data easily. This includes information about qualifications, eligibility, current payments, and any changes made to the account. Customers can also view their account history, providing a complete price record over time. This makes it easy for customers to stay up-to-date on their benefits and ensure they get all the help they are eligible for.

2: Current recipients can reset qualifications or reopen grocery

OKDHSLIVE allows current recipients to quickly reset their qualifications or reopen their grocery benefits. This ensures they have access to the resources they need when needed. It also makes it easier for people who need to reapply for gifts to do so without difficulty. Additionally, this feature helps ensure that all current recipients get the support they need on time.

3: Screening

OKDHSLIVE offers customers the ability to screen for eligibility and recertification. This allows customers to determine whether they qualify for various programs the Department of Human Services provides. This process is quick, easy, and secure, ensuring that customers receive the best possible service. With screening, customers can save time and energy as they no longer need to worry about re-qualifying or reapplying for assistance.

4: Homeless Alliance

OkdhsLive Benefits

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHSLIVE) provides access to the Homeless Alliance, an online resource to connect homeless Oklahomans with housing and services. This resource includes information on available shelters, supportive services, outreach centers, and more. The Homeless Alliance helps those in need receive assistance and ensures no one is left without a roof over their head.

5: Participants can participate in the Customer Survey

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services provides customers with the opportunity to take part in a customer survey. This survey provides valuable feedback to the department and helps them better understand their customers’ needs. By taking part in this survey, customers are helping the department ensure that they provide the best possible services and resources to those who rely on them.

6: ReMerge

OKDHSLIVE provides integrated services to help participants of ReMerge, a program that works with formerly incarcerated individuals and their families, get back on their feet. The program helps clients find employment and supports them transitioning from incarceration to the community. ReMerge offers counseling, job placement services, and other resources for legal assistance and access to housing.

7: Employment Opportunity Center (CEO):

The Employment Opportunity Center (CEO) works to provide integrated services to help Oklahoma residents get back to work quickly. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why OKDHSLIVE is an essential resource for Oklahoma citizens.

8: Provides integrated services to help Oklahoma residents get back to work quickly

This includes career counseling, job training and placement services, job search assistance, career assessments and workshops, job skills development, resume building, and interviewing preparation. The CEO also provides:

OkdhsLive Benefits

  • Job referrals.
  • Apprenticeships and internships.
  • Youth programs.
  • Assistance with job readiness certification.
  • Other helpful services for those seeking employment. 


OKDHSLIVE is a fantastic resource for Oklahoma residents who need help accessing and receiving benefits. It offers many services such as viewing current benefits, resetting qualifications or reopening groceries, screening, Homeless Alliance, and participating in the Customer Survey. OKDHSLIVE is an invaluable asset that allows Oklahoma residents to access the necessary benefits.

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